Hole-in-One_002Among the several goals of this website is to scan and catalog the photo and document collections of other researchers involved with the descendants of Thomas1 Dickerman.  We are assembling these “Collections” in an internet repository as part of the goal to preserve as much detail as possible from our ancestors.

A current project involves my own Grandfather, Edward Henry11 Dickerman, son of Samuel James10 Dickerman.  Grandpa’s generation was the first in my line to take casual photos so we have quite a collection to prepare.  One of my fond memories of my Grandfather was when he gave me an old twin-lens reflex camera that he no longer used.  Later, he gave me a nice Japanese SLR camera he had retired and the last was a little red point –and-shoot that I still have today.  (Admittedly, it’s a bit more difficult to find film these days than when Grandpa gave it to me.)

Here’s a photo of Edward with sons Bill (Wilford Gene12 Dickerman) and Jim (James Samuel12 Dickerman).

Wilford G., Edward H., James S. Dickerman

Wilford Gene, Edward Henry, James Samuel Dickerman

Grandpa Dickerman’s line from Thomas  is:

Edward Henry11, Samuel James10, Edward Henry9, Samuel8 ,Samuel7, Samuel6, Samuel5, John4, John3, Thomas2, Thomas1 Dickerman


While Grandpa was never much on genealogy (see “Russell’n through the Leaves”), he did like taking pictures, so this project will take some time.  However, something of interest came along I thought I should share today.

Among his many interests, Ed liked to golf.  Now, his son Jim (James Samuel11 Dickerman) was always the athlete of the family as well as the family historian.  I imagine things could get a little competitive around the Dickerman household with Jim, a tennis champion, Bill (my Dad) an avid golfer and sportsman, and Grandpa Ed.  But on one particular day, Grandpa Ed got the upper hand with a Hole-in-One at the American Legion Golf Course in Owosso, Michigan.

The shot must have frazzled Jim a bit that day. Grandpa beat him and the local paper didn’t let him off easily.  Check out the ad from the Dry Cleaners that week.  Hole-in-One_004