Short Stories

Some “light” reading…  A collection of short stories and genealogy information presented in no particular order.

Gone Fish'n

Gone Fish’n – A Genealogical Detective Story

“Gone Fish’n” by Jeffrey T. Dickerman

A story about searching for the origins of Frank and Ida Fish and the mystery of a Lady’s Pendant Watch.


Russell’n Through the Leaves

“Russell’n Through the Leaves” by Jeffrey T. Dickerman

Searching for the ancestors of Mary (Russell) Dickerman and meeting some good friends along the way.

Jason Russell and House

Jason Russell and His House in Menotomy

“Jason Russell and His House in Menotomy” by Richard Harrington Nylander

Published Oct-Dec 1964

The story of Jason Russell and the House he built – now a museum and historical icon from the Revolutionary War.

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