Dickerman Ancestry, Additum for Thomas[1] Dickerman

Dickerman Ancestry, Additum for Thomas (___-1657)

 by David Allen Lower  (issue December 2013)



 The “Dickerman Ancestry“, an excellent genealogical work published in 1897, chronicled many of the descendents of Thomas Dickerman (___-1657), emigrant to Dorchester, Massachusetts from England about 1635. Recently discovered archives add substantially to the birth, marriage and family record of Thomas.

This additum to the Dickerman Ancestry indicates two wives taken by Thomas in England prior to his known wife and emigrant companion Ellen (1601-1676) variously Elenor (Whittington). We find his first child,  daughter Hannah (1622-1665), born of his first wife Elizabeth Sims (abt 1597-bef1623). We confirm his first son, Thomas Jr. (1623-1685), was born of his second wife, Marie Eustaire (abt 1600-bef 1631). The last three sons, Abraham (abt 1634-1711), Isaac (1637-____) and John (1644-d.young), are then seen to be born of Elenor (1601-1711).  Hannah, not mentioned in the Dickerman Ancestry, is found first at New Haven, CT, married 1st to Captain William Ives and 2nd to Dr. William Bassett. These revelations begin to untangle a multitude of improper notations in the greater genealogical database with respect to Thomas Dickerman and his family.

Further evidence is put forward that while Thomas Dickerman was “of St. Georges Parish, Southwark, Surrey” (stated by Banks), he was married 1st (1613) at St. Georges, married 2nd (1622) and son Thomas christened (1623) at Saint Clement Danes, London (across London Bridge from St. Georges), and married 3rd at Little Missendon (1631), Buckinghamshire. He is likely the son of George Dickerman (____-abt 1615) “of Marston Morteyne, Bedfordshire”, and may have had a younger “brother” Abraham living in St. Georges, Southwark about 1620. Also, Thomas Dickerman may have been christened at the Mears Shelby School, Norwich, Norfolkshire, in 1605.

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2 comments on “Dickerman Ancestry, Additum for Thomas[1] Dickerman

  1. Carl Hanley says:

    I am descended from Thomas/Isaac/Ruth who married Eliakim Hall I thought that Isaac Dickerman gave land for Yale around 1710.

    I am also descended from Theopolis Munson who I know also gave land to make up a total of 40 cres. Their were a total of 17 men who did so. Have you ever ran across a list of those who gave? Thanks Carl

    • David Allen Lower says:

      Dear Mr. Hanley,

      Thank you for your note. I am unfamiliar with the information about Issac possibly giving land for Yale about 1710.

      The records at Yale may be better than at Cambridge, where it remains rumor that Thomas Dickerman gave some land to help establish Harvard.


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