Over the years we have been able to scan and assemble the personal collections of several prominent genealogists in the Dickerman Family.   The collections are presented here in no particular order.  The author will share the contact details for anyone interested in communicating directly with the owners of these fine collections.

Personal Genealogy Collections

James Samuel Dickerman

(James Samuel[12], Edward Henry[11], Samuel James[10], Edward Henry[9], Samuel[8], Samuel[7], Samuel[6], Samuel[5], John[4], John[3], Thomas[2], Thomas[1])

Russell E. Dickerman

(Russell E.[12], Edgar Reynald[11], George H.A.[10], Samuel R.[9], Samuel[8], Samuel[7], Samuel[6], Samuel[5], John[4], John[3], Thomas[2], Thomas[1])

As more collections are made available, we will add them to this page.  Contact for additional information.

    Jeffrey T. Dickerman  – Lowell, Michigan

   Last Update:  11/27/2013

4 comments on “Collections

  1. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for sharing this excellent genealogy of the Dickerman family. It means so much to Uncle Russ. Hope you get a chance to come back to New Hampshire for a visit!
    Best regards,
    Holly B. Kimball
    Great Niece of Russell E. Dickerman

  2. Corrine Morrison says:

    Dear Jeff,

    I would like to say thank you so much for posting this. I am from Grand Rapids. My grandfathers name is Burr Wright and he is a great grand son of Arnold and Loana Payne of Gratiot County, MI. I have always known about the Payne’s. However I never knew that Arnold’s daughter married into this family and about the Russell/Dickerman side. I have a family of patriots. This is amazing for me to find out. Samuel and Mary (Russell)Dickerman were also my great grand parents and when Samuel passed my grandmother Mary was married to the widowed Arnold Payne, my other grandfather. I serve in the Army and have been enlisted for 6 years now. OIF, OND, and OEF Veteran. I never knew that my family protected this land as far back as the Revolutionary war. I know my entire tree from Jason on down. I would like to say thank you so much or this.

    Very respectfully,
    Morrison, Corrine M.
    Fort Bliss, TX

  3. Thanks for your note Corrine, and for your service to our country.

    Sorry for the lengthy delay with this response, but it’s really great to meet a new cousin. Would you mind emailing me privately so that I can update your branch of the Dickerman and Arnold trees?

    Thanks again,

    Jeff Dickerman
    Lowell, Michigan.

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